Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


April 30th, 2011

    Thunder Valley got its 2011 season underway Saturday night and it was one first time winner, two infrequent winners and one old hand  scoring opening day wins.  Clate Copeman, making a very rare Thunder start crushed the field and took his first ever win at the track in the Late Model headliner event.  At the other end of the spectrum, multi time chamion and second all time division winner Jim Sayler took the Semi Late win. In  the best racing of the night,  infrequent track visitor Charlie Walter took the Pure Stock event while Ian Will scored his second career win in the 4 Cylinder night cap.
     When pole sitter Chris Rhodes failed to answer the call, Chuck Clise moved up to the front row of the Late Model event.  He got the jump at the start but Copeman shot by as the field completed the first lap and checked out on the field over the first 12 all green laps. With Copeman disappearing ahead, Clise found himself battling with Wayne Johnson and a fast closing John Britshy for his spot.  Briitsky had come from 6th starting spot to run down Clise by lap six.
     A lap 12 multi car crash involving Steve Gibney, Steve Everhart and Quint Weyant slowed the field but was the only caution of the event.  On the restart Copeman again roared away from the field.  Clise and Britsky resumed their battle while  Johnson and Greg Fetters battled for 4th.   Although slowed a bit by the lapped traffic, Copeman ended the 25 laps with a secure distance on the field to score his first ever Thunde Valley win,
     Clise held off the furious  rush from Britsky to capture second, followed by Britsky, Johnson and Fetters.  Tim Wilson, Chad McClennan, Doug Glessner, Everhart, and Dan Lee completed the top 10. Gary Beward, Johnson and Steve Gibney won the heats.
      Jim Sayler, used to starting deep in the field as a high point runner, scored a rare up front start in the Semi Late feature. inversion.  He made good use of the break and rushed off to a pole to pole win.  Greg Cornell moved into the second spot early and closed a bit on each lap but never caught the fleet Sayler  with Jeff Benson in tow.  Behind the top 3,   it was a six car battle as Steve Lowery, Bill Pluta and other went at it for the entire 20 laps.
     At the end of the all green 20 lap event it was Sayler winning for the 26th time, ahead of a closing fast Cornell, Benson and Lowery.   Pluta survived the dog fight to score fifth at the line, ahead of Dave Lee, Ray Sheetz, Jason Vangilder, Jonathan Hayman  and Paul Gambol.  Cornell and Benson won the heats.
      The Pure stock event looked like a Mike Duck runaway early as he easily led the first 6 laps.  But on lap 7, both  Cris Gambol and Walter got by and the race was on.  Gambol led three laps before Walter got by.  But Walter was not  in the clear as Gambol got by  again on lap 12.  After the pair went side by side for several laps, Walter emerged with the lead which was not secure until the checkered flag fell on lap 18.
     Walter took his 4th career track win with Gambol only feet behind followed by RJ Troutman, Duck, Jeff Brown.  Russ Hartman rallied from the rear to take 6th, ahead of David Greeen, Justin Milburn, Greg Cornell Sr, and Brian Shaw in his first ever start.  Walter and Willy Ling won the heats.
     Ian Will started the 4 Cylinder event from the pole but had to fight hard to win the 15 lapper.  Ray Edwards ran him down and  gave him all he could handle, actually taking the lead several times.  But Will prevailed and held off a last lap challenge for the win.  Edwards, Martin Vinosky, Tim Thomas and Casey Fleegle completed the top 5.   Brian Sholtis, Andrew Pluta and Edwards won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1 Clate Copeman,  2 Chuck Clise,  3 John Britsky  4 Wayne Johnson,  5 Greg Fetters,  6 Tim Wilson,  7 Chad McClellan,  8 Doug Glessner,   9 Steve Everhart,  10 Dan Lee,  11  Gene Kain,  12 Eric Irvin,  13 Gary Beward,  14 Steve Gobney,  15 Quint Weyant,  16 Chris Shuey,  17 Bill Burns,  18 Dale Claycomb, 19 Dwayne Taneyhill, DNS  Chris Rhodes, Tom Decker.
SEMI LATE 20 LAPS  1 Jim Sayler,  2 Greg Cornell,  3 Jeff Benson,  4 Steve Lowery,  5 Bill Pluta,  6 Dave Lee,  7 Ray Sheetz,  8 Jason Vangilder,  9 Jonathan Hayman,  10 Paul Gambol,  11 Tom Warren,  12 John Shaffer,  13 Mike Barclay,  14 Darryl Whetstone,  15 Travis Brown,  16  Dave Whetstone,  DNS  Jamie Kohan
PURE STOCK 18 LAPS  1 Charlie Walter,  2 Chris Gambol.  3 RJ Troutman  4 Mike Duck,  5 Jeff Brown,, 6 Russ Hartman,  7 Dave Green,  8 Justin Milburn,  9 Greg Cornell,  10 Brian Shaw,   11 Willy Ling,  12 Jerrod Brown,  13 Terry Mitchell,  14 Chad   Walter 15 Mike Shaffer,  16 Jim Sacco,  DNS  Mike Siegele, Tim Brown
4 CYLINDER 15 LAPS  1  Ian Will.  2 Ray Edwards,  3 Martin Vinosky,  4 Tim Thomas,  5 Casey Fleegle,  6 Mike Phillipson,  7 Robert Pluta,  8 Andrew Pluta,  9 Nick Zborovanic  10 Nathan Kamitsky,  11 Jack Theys,  12 Jon Gephart,  Keith Deeter,  14 Matt Prescott,  15 Jason Pollard,  16 Lou Orris,  17 Tammy Phillipson,  18  Dan Jackson,  19 Michael Hill,  20 Kenton Maust  DNS  Brent Sholtis, Tyler Laughard,  Dan Sholtis,  Leroy Booher,  John Costa,  Steve Frederick.