Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


May 21st, 2011

Jared Hawkins became the second first time winner this season  at Thunder Valley as he blasted to the  win in the Shawn McGarvey Shootout Saturday night.  The 38 lap event sanctioned by the UFO was run in honor of the former popular track champion and Hawkins became the 46th different Late Model winner at the track.  In other action, Jeff Benson snatched the Semi Late event, Willy Ling won his first ever Pure Stock event and Casey Fleegle took the 4 cylinder nightcap.

By the luck of the UFO draw, Hawkins found himself on the front row of the 38 lap event.  Jason Covert took the initial lead but it lasted only one lap as a grinding crash on the front stretch halted action on lap two.  Eleven cars were involved  with eight being eliminated before the lap could be continued.

Hawkins blasted by Covert on the restart and then stretched out the field.  Covert  fell into the clutches of Jamie Lathroum with Keith Barbara in pursuit.  Although slowed several times in  what became a crashfest, Hawkins soared away from the field on each restart to record the win.   Lathroum made a valiant effort on the last lap but fell short at the finish line.  Covert secured second, followed by Lathroum,  Devin Friese,  and Derek Byler who came from 21st starting spot.

Chad McClellan, Wayne Johnson, Steve Gibney , Clate Copeman and Matt Lux completed the top 10.   Lathroum, John Britsky, Covert, Copeman and Lux won the heats.  Chuck Clise and Jacob Hawkins won the B features.

Jeff Benson  rallied late to snag the semi Late event.  Jonathan Hayman was the pole sitter and early leader  as Benson slipped through the field.   Benson was third by lap 9 and got by Jason Vangilder for second on lap 11.   He hounded Hayman until he got by on lap 14, then romped to the win.

Hayman prevailed to hang onto second at the line, holding off a rush by Jim Sayler.  Vangilder, Bill Pluta, Greg Cornell, Jamie Kohan, Tom Warren, Zane Weicht and Mike Shaffer completed the top ten.

Willy Ling came from 11th to score his  Pure Stock win.  In what became a crash fest, Mike Siegele led early before Justin Milburn got by.  Ling was  second by lap 5 and took over one lap later.  Mike Ott arrived late to chase Ling but fell short.  Ott settled for second, ahead of Greg Cornell Sr, RT Troutman, Mike Barclay, Dave Green,  Jarrod Brown, Brian Shaw and Siegele.   Tim Brown and Terry Mitchell won the heats.

Casey Fleegle rallied early to take over from Keith Deeter on lap three and hold on for the 11 lap 4 cylinder win.  Martin Vinosky rallied to take third ahead of Ray Edwards and Ian Will.   Andrew Pluta and Edwards won the heats.

LATE MODEL SHAWN MCGARVEY SHOOTOUT 38 LAPS  1 Jared Hawkins,  Jason Covert,  3 Jamie Lathroum,  4 Devin Friese,  5 Derek Byler,  6 Chad McClellan,  7 Wayne Johnson,    8 Steve Gibney,  9 Clate Copeman,  10 Matt Lux,  11 Keith Barbara,  12 John Britsky,  13 Danny Mitchell,  14 Jared Miley,  15 Kyle Merkle,  16 Greg Fetters,  17 Bob Gordon,  18 Russ King,  19 Jacob Hawkins,  20 Chuck Clise,  21 Dylan Yoder,  22 Shawn Claar,  23 Doug Glessner,  Quint Weyant,  25 Steve Everhart.  DNS   Craig Perigo,  Gene Kain,  Randy Smithley,  Alex Ferree, Chris Rhodes,  Sam Grindlesberger,  Dan Lee,  Joe Brawley,  Matt Dobnak,  Tom Decker  Jr,  Tom Decker III, John Mazey,  Dwayne Taneyhill,  Tommy Beck,  Sean Merkle

SEMI LATE 20 LAP.  1  Jeff Benson,  2 JOnathan Hayman,  3 Jim Sayler,  4 Jason Vangilder,  5 Bill Pluta,  6 Greg Cornell,  7 Jamie Kohan,  8 Tom Warren,  9 Zane Weicht,  10 Mike Shaffer,  11 Dave Lee,  12 Joe Pluta,  13 Dave Whetstone.

PURE STOCK  20LAP  1  Willy Ling,  2 Mike Ott,  3 Greg Cornell,  4 RT Toutman,  5 Mike Barclay,  6 Dave Green,  7 Jarrod Brown,  8 Brian Shaw,  9 Mike Siegele,  10 Dave Beahr,  11 Terry Mitchell,  12 Mike Shaffer,  13 Jesse Hunt,  14 Justin Milburn,  15  Kevin Vanhorn,  Tim Brown,  17 Jeff Brown,  Dana Legros,  19 Russ Hartman.

4 CYLINDER 11 LAP  1   Casey Fleegle,  2 Keith Deeter, 3 Martin Vinosky,  4 Ray  Edwards,  5 Ian Will,  6 Andrew Pluta,  7 Tim Thomas,  8 Mike Phillipson,  9   John Costa,  10 Mike Meck,  11 Lou Orris,  12 Dan Jackson,  13  Steve Riggleman,  14 JOn Gephart,  15 Jason Riggleman,  16 John Hayes,  17 Jack Theys,  18 Kenton Maust,  19 Matt Diehl,  20  John Hodsworth,  DNS   Leroy Booher