Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


June 18th, 2011

Chuck Clise scored his first Thunder Valley victory of the season as he snared the annual WW Will Memorial event at the track Saturday night,  The 35 lapper, held in honor of the track builder and long time promoter, was the first win for Clise in almost two seasons and  his career fourth.   In other action,  Ray Sheetz survived a furious onslaught from  two competitors to grab the Semi Late win, Bill Replogle came from deep in the field for the Pure Stock win, and Martin Vinosky ended the night in 4 Cylinde victory lane.

By the luck of the draw, Shawn Claar was awaded a front row starting position for the Will Memorial race.  He got the jump on Steve Everhart and ran off from the field early.  Two early cautions closed the field but Claar shot off from Everhart both times.   Meanwhile Clise was coming forward.

By the time Clise got by Everhart for second on lap 19, Claar had a huge lead.  But the extra distance of the event was to be Claar’s  undoing.   At lap 25, Claar’s lead was  shrinking fast and Clise was noticeably closing in.  Clise  whipped by Claar as they field went by on lap 31 and took the lead.  Claar tangled with a lapped car one lap later and spun,  ending the 22 lap green flag run.

On the restart, Clise shot away from Greg Fetters, but had to survive a one lap shootout after the fourth caution of the race flew for  fourth place runner Steve Gibney stopped on the track.  Clise survived the last lap charge from Fetters toi take the $3000 win.  Fetters was second at the line, followed by Everhart,Doug Glessner, John Britsky, Rick Singleton, Wayne Johnson, Tom Decker, Derek Byler and Gene Kain.   Everhart and Claar won the heats.

Ray Sheetz won his  third career Semi Late event but he  worked hard for it.  Jamie Kohan  led the first lap until Sheetz got by.   Sheetz opened up as the field went ten green flag laps, but all were watching as Greg Cornell and Jimmy Saylor were charging through the pack.   By lap six they were in second and third and  all over Sheetz.

When the field went green after the only caution on lap ten,  Cornell and Saylor  raced each other hard for second as well as taking shots at Sheetz.  But lap after lap Sheetz held on as the others traded second place back and forth.  On the last lap heading for the finish,  Saylor  made a dramatic outside pass to snare second at the line while Sheetz held on for the win.  Cornell settled for third, followed by Joe Kelly, Jeff Benson, Dave Lee,  Kohan, Bill Pluta, Brian Duffy and Jason Vangilder.  Saylor and Benson won the heats.

Mike Duck, who has led many Pure Stock events at the track this season was again denied victory after a mid race charge by Bill Replogle.  Duck ran off from the pole start to an early lead as Replogle clawed thru  after starting eighth.   Replogle got by Ryan Beckett on lap 11 and zipped by Duck one lap later,  After that, Replogle held off Duck for the final 6 laps while Chad Gambol rushed up to finish third.  Jim Sacco, Dave Green, Brian Shaw, Rick Potter, Tim Brown, Willy Ling and Terry Mitchell completed the top 10.  Gambol, Replogle and Duck won the heats.

For the second week in a row, the Acuras ruled the 4 Cylinder event.  Martin Vinosky rushed from fifth to the lead on the first lap then led the distance for the win.  Lugnut Louie Orris came from eighth to secong by  lap 4 and chased Vinosky to the end.  Ray Edwards, Tim Thomas, Ian Will and John Costa trailed.  Keith Deeter and Vinosky won the heats.

LATE MODEL35 LAPS 1  Chuck Clise,  2 Greg Fetters,  3 Steve Everhart,   4 Doug Glessner,  5 John Britsky,  6 Rick Singleton,  7 Wayne Johnson,  8 Tom Decker,  9 Derek Byler,  10 Gene Kain,  11 Quint Weyant,  12 Dan Lee,  13 Steve Gibney,  14 Shawn Claar,  15 Chris Rhodes,  16 Sam Grindlesberger,  17 Chad McClellan,  18  Joe Brawley

SEMI LATE 20 LAP 1  Ray Sheetz.  2 Jim saylor,  3 Greg Cornell,  4 Joe Kelly,  5 Jeff Benson,  6 Dave Lee,  7 Jamie Kohan,  8 Bill Pluta,  9 Brian Duffy,  10 Jason Vangilder,  11 Tom Warren,  12 John Shaffer,  Dave Whetstone,  14 Jeff Chippikitis,  15  John Whitfield,  16 Joe Pluta,  17 Justin Robine

PURE STOCK 18 LAP  1Bill Replogle,  2 Mike Duck,  3 Chad Gambol,  4 Jim sacco,  5 Dave Green,  6 Brian Shaw,  7 Rick Potter,  8 Tim Brown,  9 Willy Ling,  10 Terry Mitchell,  11 Rod Mock Sr,  12 Jesse Hunt,  13  Dave Behar,  14 Russ Hartman,  15 Ryan Beckett,  16 Mike Shaffer,  17 Mike Ott,  18  Preston Imler,  19 Greg Cornell Sr,   20  RT Troutman,  21 Justin Milburn,  22 Mike Siegele

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP  1  Martin Vinosky,  2 Lou Orris,  3 Ray Edwards,  4 Tim Thomas,  5 Ian Will,  6 John Costa,  7 Casey Fleegle,  8 Nick Zborovancik,  9 Nathan Vinosky,  10 Ray Bryner,  11 Matt Diehl,  12  Ryan Claycomb,  13 Keith Deeter,  14 Leroy Booher,  15 Mike Meck,  16  Kenton Maust