Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


June 4th, 2011

Tom Decker  Jr drove 25 perfect laps to score the Late Model win at Thunder Valley Saturday night.   It was Decker’s second career victory at the track with the other one having come in 2009.  In other action,  Leading active class winners Jim Sayler and Tom Warren took wins in the Semi Late and Pure Stock action events.  Then the oldest driver in the pit area, Lugnut Lou Orris thrilled the crowd by scoring his first ever 4 Cylinder win.

Tom Decker survived a wild first lap melee on the backstretch and was on the front row as the field restarted.  He got by Doug Glessner on the second attempt and set sail on the field.   As Decker led, Steve Everhart jumped in to second in the early laps and Chuck Clise and Greg Fetters clawed through the field.     Clise got by Fetters for third on lap 7 and took second two laps later but Decker was a harder pass.

Clise closed in on Decker, making several runs at him over the last 10 laps but Decker had enough to squirt away  each time and claim the win.  Clise scored second, ahead of Fetters , Everhart and  10 starter Clate Copeman.   Mike Altobelli Jr came from 17th to lead the second five, ahead of Wayne Johnson, Gene Kain, Dan Lee and Glessner.  Decker and Glessner won the heats.

Dave Whetstone led the Semi Late field at the start with the usual cast of characters  coming through the field.   Eventually it was a four car battle at the front as Dave Lee, Jim Saylor,  and Greg Cornell  ganged up on Whetstone with Jeff Benson  coming hard.  Saylor  wrested second from Lee on lap 7 and slid by Whetstone one lap later.  Cornell got by Whetstone two laps later and the battle was on at the front.  The pair ran side by side several laps with Saylor prevailing each time and holding on to the finish.

Cornell took a close second, ahead of Lee, Whetstone, Benson, Jamie Kohan,  Bill Pluta, Joe Pluta, Jonathan Hayman and visitor Jeff Furman.  Lee and Whetstone won the heats.

The best race of the night was the Pure Stock event.  Mike Duck led from the start as it was a log jam in pursuit.  Eventually Chad Gambol came from the pack to take second and chase down Duck, but class  career win leader Tom Warren came from deep in the field to run them both down.  Mayhem ensued on a lap 16 restart as Duck suffered a flat tire and the field scrambled behind him.    With Duck out, Gambol inherited the lead but Warren made a last lap  pass to snare the win.

Gambol  settled for second, ahead of Russ Hartman, Willy Ling  and last place starter Justin Milburn.  Ed Vogel and Duck won the heats.

After letting one slip away last week,  crowd favorite Lugnut Lou Orris scored his first ever Thunder Valley win in the 4 Cylinder finale.  Team mate Martin Vinoski arrived in second on lap 7 and was able to close in but could not get by Orris in the all green flag event  before settling for second.  Tim Thomas , Ray Edwards and Casey Fleegle completed the top 5.  Thomas and Fleegle won the heats.

LATE MODEL 25 LAP 1  Tom Decker Jr,  2 Chuck Clise,  3 Greg Fetters,  4 Steve Everhart,  5 Clate Copeman,  6 Mike Altobelli Jr,  7 Wayne Johnson,  8 Gene Kain,  9 Dan Lee,  10 Doug Glessner,  11 Shawn Claar,  12 Dale Claycomb,  13 John Britsky,  14 Tom Decker III 15 Scott Rhodes,  16 Brad Kling,  17 Joe Brawley,  18 San Grindlesberger,  DNS  Chris Rhodes, Terry Rayko.

SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1 Jim Saylor,  2 Greg Cornell,  3 Dave Lee,  4 Dave Whetstone,  5 Jeff Benson,  6 Jamie Kohan,  7 Bill Pluta,  8 Joe Pluta,  9 Jonathan Hayman,  10 Gary Furman,  11 Jason Vangilder,  12 Cody Butterbaugh.

PURE STOCK 18 LAPS  1   Tom Warren,  Chad Gambol,  3 Russ Hartman,  4 Willy ling,  5 Justin Milburn,  6 Greg Cornell Sr,  7  RT Troutman,  8 Jim Sacco,  9 Mike Ott,  10 Mike Duck,  11 Ed Vogel,  12 Brian Shaw,  13 Terry Mitchell,  14 Jesse Hunt,  15 Ryan Beckett,  DNS Dave Beeaher

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP  1 Lou Orris,  2 Martin Vinosky,  3 Tim Thomas,  4 Ray Edwards,  5 Casey Fleegle,  6 Ian Will,  7 Keith Deeter,  8 Mike Meck,  9 Nick Zborovacik  10 Ray Povlik.