Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


July 23rd, 2011

  Greg Fetters, on a mid season tear,  scored  Late Model win at Thunder Valley Saturday night.  The win was his second triumph in July in his breakout season at the track.  In other action,  Jason Vangilder scored a thrilling victory in the Semi Late event, Mike Ott dominated the Pure Stock race and Casey Fleegle snared the 4 cylinder finale.
      Gene Kain was the early leader in the Late Model 25 lapper  Kain led for what seemed like an eternity as 7 cautions, all for minor events, slowed the first seven laps.  When the field finally settled  down for racing, Kain was still the leader and he ran off from  second place runner Wayne Johnson. and the field.  But by then Fetters had arrived  near the front of the pack.  Fetters was all over Johnson  and secured second place on lap 16.
     One lap later fate smiled on Fetters as Kain’s car came to a halt on the track and Fetters’ trek from sixth ended with the lead.  On the restart he shot ahead of the still second place runner Johnson  and pulled to a commanding lead.   A caution with two to go closed up the field but Fetters raced to his third career Thunder Valley win.
      For the second week in a row Johnson settled for second, followed by Doug Glessner, Kain who rallied after a quick pit stop and last place starter Dale Claycomb who scored his first ever top five finish.  Tom Decker, Dan Lee in a borrowed car, Travis Cottle, Tom Decker III and Ryan Krause completed the top ten.  Fetters and Chris Rhodes won the heats.  Rhodes was one of the early cautions as he lost his brakes and spun wildly in turn three  scattering the field.  Chuck Clise, locked in a tight point battle with Fetters was also an early retiree after a spectacularly smoky engine issue which resulted in a small fire
     Jason Vangilder won his second career Semi Late event after holding off the furious challenges of  both Jim Saylor and Greg Cornell to the end.   Vangilder was the leader on lap one and held off Jamie Kohan through the early laps.  But it got crowded at the front as Cronell, Sayler and Jeff Benson arrived at the front.   After some great action, Saylor  secured second on lap 11, dragging Cornell with him. 
    While battling each other, the pair was all over Vangilder at the front with Benson in tow, but Vangilder hung on lap after lap.  At the finish it was Vangilder with the win, his first since 2009, closely followed by Sayler, Cornell and Benson.Bill Pluta was 5th, followed by Dave Lee, Dave Puckett, Kohnan, Jonathan Hayman   and  Elwood Hyre.  Hayman and Lee won the heats.
     The Pure Stocks went for 30 laps in their special event and Mike Ott dominated.  Tim Brown led the opening lap before Terry Mitchell got by.  Ott got by Mitchell on lap 8 and then ran off from the field  to the completion.  Willy Ling and Jarrod Brown battled for second with Ling securing the spot  late but Ott was the easy winner.  Ling, Brown, Justin Milburn and Ryan Beckett trailed.  Beckett and Ott won the heats
    John Hayes was the early 4 Cylinder leader as the action was wild behind him.  Casey Fleegle emerged from a 6 car mob at the front on lap 7.   Fleegle then led to the end.  Ray Edwards and Martin Vinosky arrived from deep in the field late but  fell short at the finish, settling for second and third.   Nathan Kamisky had a good run settling for fourth, ahead of Ian Will, Hayes and Tim Thomas.  Hayes and Kamitsky won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1Greg Fetters,  2 Wayne Johnson,  3 Doug Glessner  4 Gene Kain,  5 Dale Claycomb,  6 Tom Decker,  7 Dan Lee,  8 Travis Cottle,  9 Tom Decker III  10 Ryan Krause,  11 Ronnie Bottemfield , 12 Chuck Clise,  13 Ryan Dickson,  14 Chris Rhodes  DNS  Joe Brawley, Shawn Claar
SEMI LATE 20 LAPS  1 Jason Vangilder,  2 Jim Saylor,  3 Greg Cornell,  4 Jeff Benson,  5 Bill Pluta,  6 Dave Lee,  7 Dave Puckett,  8  Jamie Kohan,  9 Jonathan Hayman,  10 Elwood Hyre,    11 Zane Weicht,  12 Jamie swank,  13 Joe Kelley,  14 Dave Whetstone,  15 Dennis Collins,  16 Joe Pluta,  17  Rick Wright,  18  John Shaffer,  19  Justin Robine,  DNS  Danny Lechak
  PURE STOCK 30 LAP  1Mike Ott,  2 Willy Ling,  3 Jarrod Brown,  4 Justin Milburn,  5 Ryan Beckett,  6 Brian Shaw,  7 Tim Brown,  8 David Green,  9 Greg Cornell Sr,  10  Tery Mitchell,  11 Ron Varner,  12  Donny Lechan
4 CYLINDER 15 LAPS   1  Casey Fleegle,  2 Ray Edwards,  3 Martin Vinosky,  4 Nathan Kamitsky,  5 Ian Will,  6 John Hayes,  7 Tim Thomas,  8 Keith Deeter,  9 Nick Zborovancik,  10 Dan Jackson,  11 Mike Phillipson,  12 Brad Oravec,  13 Jay Schetini,  14 Jack Theys,  15 Mike Meck,  16 Matt Diehl,  17  John Costa,  18  Skip Bryner,  19  James Webb,   20  Guy Davis,  21 Leroy Booher