Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


July 9th, 2011

Greg Fetters scored the dramatic come from behind victory in Late Model action Saturday night at Thunder Valley,  It was Fetters’ second career victory at the track but first of the 2011 seaon.  In other Action, Jim Saylor inched closer to the all time Semi Late win lead with his 29th  career win, before Ryan Beckett scored his first ever Thunder win in the Pure Stocks.   Martin Vinosky kept the Acura streak alive but taking the 4 cylinder finale.

It took two attempts to get the Late Model field rolling and Chris Rhodes was the early leader from his pole position start.  By lap three John Britsky had broken through and was in hot pursuit.  It too three laps to run Rhodes down,  but Britsky found himself challenged by Chuck Clise and Fetters.  Fetters took third from Clise  on lap 13 , just before the first caution of the race.

Britsky found new life on the restart and whipped by Rhodes on lap 15,  Fetters too got by Rhodes and almost instantly ran down Britsky.  For six laps they battled before Britsky’s car broke on lap 21 in front of the field.  With some evasive driving, Fetters assumed the lead and ran to the finish.  Almost lost in the exciting battle up front was the rush of Shawn Claar who came from 10th to finish second at the line.  Claar was followed by Clise, Dan Lee, Rhodes, Gene Kain, Tom Decker , Tom Decker III, Britsky and Steve Gibney.  Fetters and Rhodes won the heats.

Like his Late Model counterpart, Jim Saylor started deep in the field before claiming his win.   After a season of frustration, Dave Whetstone was the pole sitter and early leader.  Greg Cornell emerged from the pack and ran Whetstone down but he brought eighth starter Sayler with him.  Cornell rolled up alongside Whetstone  but Whetstone battled back as the pair went side by side.   Suddenly on lap 12, Sayler got a run off turn two and ducked to the inside making a dramatic 3 wide pass for the lead.

Once in the lead Sayler cruised while Whetstone and Cornell battled.  When Dave Lee entered the picture on lap 18, he took  third from Cornell  and second from Whetstone on the last lap.   At he finish, Sayler scored his 29th career track Semi Late victory, followed by Lee, Cornell, Whetstone,  Jamie Kohan.  Jason Vangilder,   Cody Butterbaugh, Dave Puckett, Tom Warren and John Shaffer.   Lee and Whetstone won the heats.

Ryan Beckett went pole to pole  in scoring his career first Pure Stock win.  Jarrod Brown  arrived on his bumper on lap three and was constantly in his shadow but did not make the move. The pair at the front attracted a lot of late race attention as it was a six car pack at the end, but Beckett prevailed.  Brown held on for second, ahead of Mike Ott, Mike Duck, Bill Replogle, Russ Hartman,  Willy Ling, Justin Milburn, Rod Mock and Jim sacco.  Brown and Ott won the heats.

Once again it was team Acura in 4 cylinder victory lane, this time Martin Vinosky.  won.  John Hayes  was the early leader but Vinosky was up to third by lap three. When Hayes broke, Vinosky shot by both him and Nathan Vinosky and raced to the win   Nathan Vinosky held on for second, followed by Ray Edwards, Tim Thomas and Ian Will.   Casey Fleegle and Edwards won the heats..

LATE MODEL 25 LAPS.. 1  Greg Fetters,  2 Shawn Claar,  3 Chuck Clise,  4 Dan Lee,  5 Chris Rhodes,  6 Genre Kain,  7 Tom Decker,  8 Tom Decker III,  9 John Britsky,  10 Steve Gibney

SEMI LATE 20 LAPS..1  Jim Sayler,  2 Dave Lee,  3 Greg Cornell,  4 dave Whetstone,  5 Jamie Kohan,  6 Jason Vangilder,  7 Cody Butterbaugh,  8 Dave Puckett,  9 Tom Warren,  10 John Shaffer,  11 Bill Pluta,  12 Joe Pluta,

PURE STOCK  18 LAPS  1  Ryan Beckett,  2 Jarrod Brown,  3 Mike Ott,  4 Mike Duck,  5 Bill Replogle,  6 Russ Hartman,  7 Willy Ling,  8 Justin Milburn,  9 Rod Mock,  10 Jim Sacco,  11  Brrian Shaw,  12 Greg Cornell Sr,  Terry Mitchell,  14 Jesse Hunt,  15 Dave Green,  DNS  Tim Brown.

4 CYLINDER 15 LAPS  1  Martin Vinosky,  2 Nathan Vinosky,  3 Ray Edwards,  4 Tim Thomas,  5 Ian Will,  6  Jack Theys,  7 Casey Fleegle,  8   Mike POhillipson,  9 Leroy Booher,  10 Matt Diehl,  11 Guy Davis,,12 Keith Deeter,  13 Dan Jackson,  14 JOhn Hayes,  15 Nick Zborovancik,  16  James Webb,    DNS  Denny Norris,  JOhn Copsta