Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


July 30th, 2011

Chris Rhodes continued his late season turnaround  as he scored the  Late Model win at Thunder Valley Saturday night.  It was Rhodes  second win of the 2011 season, both coming in July.  In other action, Tom Warren won his second Semi Late event of the season before a pair of  drivers scored their first  career wins at the track.   Jim Sacco took his first ever Pure Stock event and Dan Jackson won his first ever 4 Cylinder race   Randy Doty won the annual visit of the All American Outlaws at the track.

Chris Rhodes, started on the pole of the Late Model event and made the most of that opportunity.  He got the drop on Gene Kain at the start and ran off from the field.  Six cautions slowed the field in the first eight laps, but  Rhodes got away from Shawn Claar on each restart.    As the  field settled down to a lot of green flag racing in the second half,  Rhodes pulled out to a comfortable lead over Doug Glessner who ran Claar down and took over escond on lap 17.  Glessner never closed on Rhodes over the last 8 laps as Rhodes scored his fourth career win.

Glessner was second, followed by Claar, Dan Lee, Gene Kain,  Wayne Johnson, Greg Fetters,  Ryan Dixon, Sam Grindlesberger and Craig Perigo.   Rhodes and Fetters won the heats.  Point contender Chuck Clise was an early departure from the track as engine woes cropped  up in his heat and the team left early

Jamie Kohan was the early Semi Late Leader  before Jonathan Hayman moved in.   Hayman took over  on lap 5 but Tom Warren had joined in the battle by then.  Warren got by  Kohan one lap later and chased after Hayman.  On lap 10 Warren got by for the lead.   Kohan got back into second after Hayman dropped  out on lap 12,  Point leader Jim Sayler who pitted on lap 6 rallied late and completed his run from the rear  as he took second on lap 16.

Sayler  made a run at Warren but fell short at the finish  Bob Jay came from the rear to score third, ahead of Bill Pluta, Dave Lee, Dave Whetstone, Jeff Benson, kohan, Joe Pluta and Jason Vangilder.   Hayman and Dave Puckett won the heats

Preston Imler was the early Pure Stock leader.  Terry Mitchell took over on lap 5 but he led only that lap as Jim Sacco got by.   Imler got back by Mitchell before Brian Shaw took over second but  eventually Mike Duck moved into that spot and chased Sacco.  Over the last 8 laps Duck closed the distance to make the finish close but sacco held on for his first ever Thunder Valley win.

Duck took second, followed by Derrick Graybill, Shaw, Imler, Russ Hartman,  Paul Beahr, Justin Milburn,  Jarrod Brown and Willy Ling.  Duck and Imler won the heats.

The 4 Cylinder event was maybe the wildest ever for the class.   25 cars started and 22 finished in the all green 15 lap event with cars everywhere.  Dan Jackson took a car that he purchased only the day before  to the front to chase down early leader Leroy Booher before taking over on lap 6.  From there on he led while Robert Pluta and Martin Vinosky came from deep in the field.  Pluta ran Jackson down late as the pair zipped through heavy lapped traffic,  but Jackson was up to the challenge and prevailed.

Martin Vinosky came on for third ahead of Casey Fleegle, Andrew Pluta, Booher,  Keith Deeter, Nick Zborovancik, JOhn Costa and Ian Will.  Vinosky, Ray Edwards and Jackson won the heats.

Randy Doty ran down early leader Hunter Nestor to win the 20 lap All American Outlaw event.  Kevin Palmer came from the back to take second ahead of Allen Daniels and Scott Jorda.

LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Chris Rhodes,  2 Dpug Glessner,  3 Shawn Claar,  4 Dan Lee,  5 Gene Kain,  6 Wayne Johnson,  7 Greg Fetters,  8 Ryan Dixon,  9 Sam Grindlesberger,  10  Craig Periga,  11 Travis Cottle,  12  Ron Bottenfield  13 Joe brawley,  14  Ryan Krause,  DNS Chuck Clise

SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1   Tom Warren,  2 Jim Sayler,  3 Bob Jay,  4 Bill Pluta,  5 Dave Lee,  6 Dave Whetstone,  7 Jeff Benson,  8 Jamie Kohan,  9 Joe Pluta,  10 Jason Vangilder,  11 Cody Butterbaugh,  12 Dennis Collins,  13 Dave Puckett,  14 Jonathan Hayman,  15 Jesse Snyder,  16 Greg Cornell,

PURE STOCK 18 LAP  1  Jim Sacco,  2 Mike Duck,  3 Derrick Graybill,  4 Brian Shaw,  5 Preston Imler,  6 Russ Hartman,  7 Paul Beahr,  8 Justin Milburn,  9 Jarrod Brown,  10  Willy Ling,  11 Donny Lechak,  12 Jesse Hunt,  13 Terry Mitchell,  14 Jeff  Brown,  15   Tim Brown,  16 Mike Ott,  17 Dustin  Levernight,  18 Rod Mock,  DNS  Greg Cornell, Ryan Becket

4 CYLINDER 15  LAP..1  Dan Jackson,  2 Robert Pluta,  3  Martin Vinosky,  4 Casey Fleegle,  5 Andrew Pluta,  6  Leroy Booher,  7 Keith Deeter,  8 Nick Zborovancik,  9 John Costa,  10 Ian Will,, 11   Jack Theys,   12 Mike Meck,  13 Mike Phillipson,  14 Sean Fitzpatrick,  15 Mike Custer,  16 John Hayes,  17  Matt Diehl,  18  Jon Gephart,  19 Bradley Oravec,  20 Jim Kleitchek,  21 Troy Imler,  22 Eric Johnston,  23 Skip Bryner,  24 Ray Edwards,  25  Guy Davis,  DNS  Denny Norris

OUTLAWS  20 LAPS  1  Randy Doty,  2 Kevin Palmer,  3 Allen Daniels,  4 Scott Jorda,  5 Hunter Nestor,  7 David Egge,  8 Denny Grasse,  9 Brittany Coleman,  10 Carrie Fryfogle,  11 Tony Jorda, DNS  Tom Crummitt