Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


August 26th, 2011

It was a long time in coming but Daniel Cornman scored his first ever Thunder Valley win.  It came in the Steel Block Late Model portion of the annual 4-20s program  on a rare Friday night program at the track. It was also a Friday to remember for Semi Late standout  Jimmy Sayler as he scored his 30th career win in that class, tieing him for the career lead at the track and pretty much cemented the 2011 track title at the same time.  In other action, Ryan Beckett scored his second Pure Stock win of the season  while Robert Pluta grabbed the 4 Cylinder 20 lap finale.

It took three tries to get the Late Model event underway as the same two cars crashed together twice at the start.  On the third try the field went single file and Cornman found himself at the front.  He took off from Rance Garlock at the drop of the green and said bye to the field.  After a quick caution on lap three, the field went all the way to the last lap without a caution as Cornman raced off to a vast lead .   Garlock ran an uncontested second during that time as Rick Singleton and Tim Smith climbed through the field.

A sudden last lap caution set up one last shot for the field to get at Cornman but he again ran off to score the  emotional first win.   Garlock held o for second, ahead of DJ Troutman, Singleton, Smith, Matt Emerick, Josh Berrier, Travis Calhoun, Yvette Hahn and Curtis Heath.  Troutman and Emerick won the heats

Jim Sayler struggled early but roared late to grab the historic Semi Late win.  Jesse Snyder was the early leader as Sayler came from sixth in the field.  By lap four Sayler was up to third but it took 5 laps for him to get by strong running Jamie Kohan.  Sayler then moved in on Snyder  on lap 10 and ran off to the finish of the 20 lapper.  Snyder held off Kohan  almost to the end when Tom Warren moved into the picture.  Warren  got third  on lap 17 but went no further over the last three laps

At the finish Sayler  won his 30th career Semi Late event at the track tieing him with Jamie Swank at the top.
Snyder was second, ahead of Warren, Kohan, Bill Pluta, Jason Vangilder, Greg Cornell, Dave Whetstone, Vigi  Zuccolotto, and John Shaffer.  Snyder and Bill Henney won the heats.
After some mid season bad luck, Ryan Beckett found himself on the Pure Stock pole and he got away as 10 cars battled in a pack for second on back.  Greg Cornell secured that spot as the positions changed every lap in that pack.   A couple of quick mid race cautions slowed the field but Beckett roared away each time and opened up a long lead over the late laps to score the win.

Cornell held off the mob to score a season best second at the line, ahead of Charlie Walter, Mike Ott, Jim Sacco, Jarron Brown, Mike Duck, Brian Shaw, Tim Brown and Terry Mitchell.  Walter, Beckett and Ott won the heats.

Leroy Booher led the first few 4 Cylinder laps but there was a herd at the front.   Ian Will emerged with the lead on lap three but it was a 5 car dog fight at the front.   Robert Pluta, Casey Fleegle, Andrew  Pluta and point leader Martin Vinosky all battled each other and the leader  as the laps wound down.  Although hampered by heavy lapped traffic late, Robert Pluta hung on for the win.  Will, Fleegle, Andrew Pluta, Vinosky, Keith Deeter and Dave Lambert followed closely.  Robert Pluta and Deeter won the heats.

LIMITED LATE MODELS  20 LAPS  1  Daniel Cornman  2  Rance Garlock,  3 DJ Troutman,    4 Rick Singleton,  5 Tim Smith,  6 Matt Emerick,  7 Josh Berrier,  8  Travis Calhoun,  9 Yvette Hahn,  10 Curtis Heath,  11  Matt Howsare,  12 Jeff Shoemaker,  13 Scott Daniels,  14 Ron Bottenfield,  15 Larry Foor,  16 Dale Claycomb.

SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1  Jim Sayler,  2 Jesse Snyder,  3 Tom Warren,  4 Jamie Kohan,    5  Bill Pluta,  6 Jason Vangilder,  7 Greg Cornell,  8  Dave Whetstone,  9 Vigi Zuccolotto,  10  John Shaffer,  11 Dave Lee,  12 Bill Henney,  13  Darryl  Whetstone,  14 Dennis Collins

PURE sTOCK 20 LAPS  1  Ryan Beckett,   2 Greg Cornell Sr,  3 Charlie Walter,  4 Mike Ott,  5 Jim Sacco,  6 Jarrod Brown,  7 Mike Duck,  8 Brian Shaw,  9  Tim Brown,  10 Terry Mitchell,  11 Russ Hartman,  12 Derrick Graybill,,  13  Justin Milburn,  14 Chad Gambol.  15  Rob Varner,  16  Ed Vogel,  17 Paul Beahr,  18 Bill Replogle,  19 John Hollis,  20   Jesse Hunt,  21 Willy Ling,  22 Dakota Hixon,  23 Jake   Gongloff

4 CYLINDER 20 LAP  1  Robert Pluta,  2 Ian Will,  3 Casey Fleegle,  Andrew Pluta,  5  Martin Vinosky,  6 Keith Deeter,  7  Dave Lambert,  8 Leroy Booher,  9 Mike Meck,  10  Eric Johnston,  11 Tyler Beckett  12  Matt Diehl,  13 Mark Lashley,  14  Skip Bryner,  15  Nick Zborovancik,  16 Steve Frederick,  17  Troy Imler,  Doug Hostetter.