Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


August 13th, 2011

Tom Decker continued his super season at Thunder Valley  as he raced off to the Late model victory.  It was  Decker’s third win of the season at the track and came in dominating style over the field.  In other action,  Greg Cornell survived a late race challenge to win his first Semi Late event of the season, Charlie Walter took the Pure Stock event and Ray Edwards took the thrilling 4 Cylinder finale.

Tom Decker, who before 2011 had only one career victory at the track continued his dream sason with his performance.    After one aborted start, Decker led the field to the green and immediately ran off over the first seven green flag laps.  On the restart, Decker again shot away from  second place runner Shawn Claar as Chuck Clise and Greg Fetters were climbing from deep in the field.  They moved into third and fourth by lap 9 and the 4 cars ran from the field. over the last 17 all green laps.

Late in the event Claar closed on the leader with Clise and Fetters in tow but the quartet finished in that order.  Doug Glessner finished fifth, followed by Dan Lee, Wayne Johnson , Chriis Rhodes, Matt Howsare and Dan Cornman.   Fetters and Decker won the heats.

Jamie Kohan led the Semi Late event early but Greg Cornell ran him down on lap  4.  Jim Sayler arrived in second two laps later and closed on Cornell.   Jeff Benson and Zane Weicht were running third and fourth when they bumped on lap 14 bringing out the  first caution but that also closed Sayler on the leaders  bumper.  Over the last few laps Sayler gave Cornell  a challenge but fell short.  A rare last lap yellow gave everyone an extra chance but Cornell held on for the first 2011 win.

Tom Warren came from eighth to claim third at the line, ahead of Dave Lee, John Whitfield, Bill Pluta, Jeff Benson, Kerry Molovich and Jason Vangilder.   Weicht  crossed the line third but has an issue in the post race tech line and was DQ.  Sayler and Kohan won the heats.

Rob Verner led the early Pure Stock lapa and got ahead of a huge battle behind him.  Finally Charlie Walter got hrough the gang to claim second by lap 6 and began to run Verner down.  On lap 8 he took the lead and never looked back.   Tim Brown moved into second after getting by Verner, then Greg Cornell Sr  took it before Brian Shaw secured second on the last lap, but  Walter was well ahead at the finish.

Shaw, Cornell, Russ Hartman, Jarrod Brown, Verner, Nate Miller, Willy Ling and Justin Milburn trailed.  Shaw and Tim Brown won the heats.

As usual the 4 Cylinder  put on the most exciting event of the night.  John Hayen led the first few laps before the gang ran him down.  Ray Edwards got by for the lead on lap 3 but he brouht Martin Vinosky with him.  As the pair battled  for the duration,  Robert Pluta arrived at the ront to make it a three way.  Edwards led with Vinosky  and Pluta challenging but held on for the narrow win.   Vinosky and Pluta followed  with Dan Jackson and Keith Deeter completing the top 5.  Edwards, Deeterr and Hayes won the heats.

LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1 Tom Decker,  2 Shawn Claar,  3 Chuck Clise,  4 Greg Fetters,  5 Doug Glessner,  6 Dan Lee,  7 Wayne Johnson,  8 Chris Rhodes,  9 Matt Howsare,  10  Dan Cornman,  11 Travis Cottle,  12 Gene Kain,  13 Bill Burns,  14 Dale Claycomb

SEMI LATE 20   1 Greg Cornell,  2 Jim Sayler,  3 Tom Warren,  4 Dave lee,  5 Jamie Kohan,  6 John Whitfield,  7 Bill Pluta,  8 Jeff Benson,  9 Kerru Molovich,  10 Jason Vangilder,  11 Dave Whetstone  12 Dennis Collins,   13 Cody Butterbaugh,  14 Justin Robine, DNS  Jesse Snyder, Vigi Zuccollotto  DQ  Zane Weicht

PURE STOCK 18 LAP  1 Charlie Walter,  2 Brian Shaw,  3 Greg Cornell Sr  4 Russ Hartman,  5 Jarrod Brown,  6 Rob Varner,  7 Nate Miller,  8 Tim Brown,  9 Willy ling,  10 Justin Milburn,  11 Terry Mitchell,  12 Dave Beahr,  13 Chris Wolfe,  14 Rod Mock,    15 Jesse Hunt,  16 Ryan Beckett17  Jim Sacco  18 Mike Ott

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP  1  Ray Edwards,  2 Martin Vinosky,  3 Robert Pluta,  4 Dan Jackson,  5 Keith Deeter,  6 Mike Meck,  7 Ian Will,  8 Andrew Pluta,  9 Nathan Kamisky,  10 Mike Phillipson,  11 Casey Fleegle,  12 Leroy Booher,  13 Skip Bryner,  14 Jon Gephart,  15 Phil Best,  16 Nick Zborovancik,  17  JOhn Costa,  18  Brad Oravec  19  Matt Diehl,  20 Dustin Tolar,  21 Troy Imler,  22 John Hayes,  23 Gus Davis