Thunder Valley Raceway » 2011 Results


September 13th, 2011

Chris Rhodes won the Late Model event at Thunder Valley in the last point race of the season.  It was Rhodes’ fourth win of the season at the track, leading all competitors, and the second in a row, marking the first time any Late Model driver has been able to win two successive events since Scott Rhodes did the feat  exactly 4 years ago.In other action, Greg Hainsey wired the   Semi Late field, Charlie Walter won the Pure Stock event and Andrew Pluta  was ahead when the lights went out in the 4 Cylinder finale,  and was credited with the win.

Shawn Claar was the Late Model pole sitter  and he burst out in front at the start, but it was Doug Glessner came from fourth ,  and flew by Claar on the first lap.  Glessner  ran off   a bit as Claar fell back to battling with Tom Decker for second.  Decker got that spot on lap 6 and set off for Glessner.  As the field strung out behind,  Decker ran Glessner down and was all over him.  As the pair roared into the first turn on lap 14 though  the entire face of the race changed.

Glessner and Decker got into each other and tangled.   As the pair spun around,  almost the entire field was involved somehow, and the red flag  flew.   Aftrer evasive  driving skills, Chris Rhodes emerged  with the lead, followed by Claar.   When the field settled down  and ran the last ten laps, Rhodes ran off  again to a huge margin at the finish just as he had last week,   Greg Fetters ran down Claar for second on lap 17 but Rhodes was long gone.  Rhodes  won by about a half lap as Fetters took second at the line, clinching the 2011 track title.  Claar, Gene Kain, Wayne Johnson, Glessner, Decker, Chuck Clise, Dan Cornman  and Bill Burns completed the top 10.  Rhodes and Fetters won the heats.

Greg Hainsey started n the pole in the Semi Late event and ran off at the start.  Dave  Whetstone moved to second but he had his hands full with both Jonathan Hayman, Greg Cornell and Jim Sayler.  Sayler got by Cornell for fourth on lap  5  but trailed Hayman.  Hainsey stretched out the field as the event went almost all the way green as the pack of five trailed until the last lap.   With the checkered flag in sight,  Whetstone cleared   a lapped car but Sayler and Hayman tangled on the pass, rendering Sayler crashed in the fourth turn as the event ended.

Hainsey was the winner, his first since June of 09, followed by Whetstone.  Hayman took third, ahead of Cornell, Dave Lee, Tom Warren, Jamie Kohan, Zane Weight, Jason Vangilder and Bill Pluta.  Kohan and Hainsey won the heats.  Sayler’s finish, as it were,  was good enough to claim the 2011 track title.

Charlie  Walter climbed from deep in the field to take the Pure Stock win.   Ron Verner was the early leader until Mike Ott got by.  Ott led until Walter arrived on the scene.  He took over on lap  7 and got away  as Ott held off John Hollis, Jamie Kohan and Russ Hartman.   Hollis spun on lap 16, setting up a two lap run to the finish but Walter prevailed

Ott held on for second, ahead of Shaw, Hartman,  Mike Duck, Preston Imler,  Jake Gongloff, Varner, Greg Cornell and Tim Brown.   Shaws run was good enough to snag the 2011 track title, a mission he accomplished without a win in his rookie season.  Hollis, Ott and Cornell won the heats

Andrew Pluta came from sixth to lead the first 4 Cylinder lap. he was well ahead of the field when a malfunction turned off the lights in turn two,  After  determining the time frame for repairs, the event was called aftre 9 laps and Pluta had his first win of the season.   He was followed by Casey Fleegle, Martin Vinosky, Dan Jackson and Keith Deeter.    Vinosky claimed his third consecutive track title with the finish.  Pluta and Fleegle won the heats.

LATE MODEL 25  1  Chris Rhodes,  2 Greg Fetters,  3 Shawn Claar,  4 Gene Kain,  5 Wayne Johnson,  6 Doug Glessner,  7 Tom Decker,  8 Chuck Clise,  9 Dan Cornman,  10 Bill Burns,  11 John Britsky,  12 Joe Brawley,  13 Dan Lee,  14 Ryan Krause,  15 Ron Bottenfield,  16 Larry Foor,  DNS  Randy Burkholder

SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1  Greg Hainsey,  2 Dave Whetstone,  3 Jonathan Hayman,  4 Greg Cornell,  5 Dave Lee,  6 Tom Warren,  7 Jamie Kohan,  8 Zane Weight,  9 Jason Vangilder,  10 Bill Pluta,  11 Dave Puckett,  12 Jim Sayler,  13 Dennis Collins,  14  Jeff Benson,  15 John Shaffer,  16  Joe Pluta.

PURE STOCK   18 LAP 1     Charlie Walter,  2 Mike Ott,  3 Brian Shaw,  4 Russ Hartman,  5 Mike Duck,  6 Preston Imler,  7 Jake Gongloff,  8 Rob Varner,  9 Greg Cornell Sr,  10 Tim Brown  11 Mike Siegele,  12 John Hollis,  13 Nate Miller,  14 Jason Bender,  15 Jeff Brown,  16 Aric Weicht,  17 Tery Mitchell,  18 Todd Goss,  19 Jesse Hunt,  20 Dakota Hixon,  21 Paul Beahr,  22 Justin Milburn,  23 JArrod Brown

4 CYLINDER 9 LAP  1 Andrew Pluta,  2 Casey Fleegle,  3 Martin Vinosky,  4 Dan Jackson,  5 Keith Deeter,  6 Kevin Beers,  7 Leroy Booher,  8 Mike Meck,  9 Nick Zborovancik,  10 Troy Imler,  11 Pat Breahm,  12 Tyler Beckett,  13  Matt Diehl,  14 Dopug Hostetter,  15 Kaleb Crawley,  16  Skip Bruner,  DQ Ian Will