Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


May 15th, 2012

5-12 Chuck Clise completed the best weekend of his career by winning the Late Model event at Thunder Valley Saturday night.  For Clise , who 24 hours earlier had won at Bedford, it was the first two race win weekend in his  long career.  In other Thunder Valley action, Charlie Walter rallied late to snag the Pure Stock event,  Jeff Benson was the Semi Late winner and  Robert Pluta was the 4 cylinder winner.   Walter’s win came in the Detwiler Memorial, the most prestigious event of the season for the Pure Stocks.
Chuck Clise was on the mark from the very start of the Late Model 25 lapper..  He shot by  both front row starters on the first lap and literally ran off from the field.   He had over a straightaway lead  by the time the first caution flew on lap 8.  On that restart a tussle in the pack saw  Matt Sala and Jason Hess collide almost head on in a grinding crash.  On the restart Shawn Claar took second spot be he was no match for the fleet Clise who again ran off from the field.
Cory Weaver battled with Claar for the duration but could not get by until Claar’s great run ended  when he went pitward on lap 23.  A last lap yellow gave Weaver and the field a one lap shot at Clise but Clise romped away for the win.   Weaver scored his career best Thunder  finish at second,  followed by Doug Gless ner, Dan Lee, Wayne Johnson, Chris Rhodes, Gene Kain, Ron Bottenfield, Bill Burns and Claar.  Greg Fetters and Clise won the heats.
    Jeff Benson went pole to pole in the Semi Late event.  He was chased by Billy McClellan early and Greg Cornell and Tom Warren late but held on.  Jim Sayler rushed in to join the crowd in the closing laps  but the y finished in that order.  Jason Vangilder ran fifth in the race.  Sayler and Warren won the heats.
     By far the most exciting race of the night was the Pure Stock Detwiler  Memorial 35 lapper.   Brian shaw was the initial leader before Willy Ling took over on lap two.  Shaw fought back to lead lap three but Walter was in pursuit.  He took over on lap 5  but Bill Replogle was on the march from his eighth starting position.  He ran Walter down and finally took over on lap 18.  Walter stayed in the hunt and  got back by on lap 29.  From there on Replogle  chased him to the conclusion.
     Behind the lead two,  a 4 car battle raged for  the duration, until Mike Ott got by Shaw for good on lap 33.
At the finish it was Walter, Replogle, Ott, Shaw and Jarrod Brown.  John Hollis came from dead last in the field to take 6th,  followed by Jim DeArmitt, Jim Sacco, Chad Walter and Dave Beahr.  Ott, Walter and Replogle won the heats.
    Robert Pluta got by Dan Jackson on lap one and then dominated the 4 Cylinder finale.  Ray Wright sirvived a 4 car battle for second to finish ahead of Kieth Deeter, Jeremy Miller and Pat Breahm.  Pluta and Wright won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Chuck Clise,  2 Cory Weaver,  3 Doug Glessner,  4 Dan Lee,  5 Wayne Johnson,  6 Chris Rhodes,  7 Gene Kain,  8 Ron Bottenfield,  9 Bill Burns,  10 Shawn Claar,  11 Greg Fetters,  12  dave Lee,  13  Dale Claycomb,  14 Tom Decker,  15  Matt sala,  16  Jason Hess
SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1  Jeff Benson,  2 Greg Cornell,  3  Tom Warren,  4 Jim sayler,  5 Jason Vangilder,  7 Bill McClellan,  8 Mark Nymick,  9 Dave Whetstone,  DNS  Jamie Kohan
PURE STOCK 35 LAP  1  Charlie Walter,  2 Bill Replogle,  3 Mike Ott,  4 Brian Shaw,  5 Jarrod Brown,  6 John Hollis,  7 Jim DeArmitt,  8  Jim Sacco,  9 Chad Walter,  10  Dave Beahr,  11 Mike Shaffer,  12 Greg Beckett,  13 Jesse Hunt,  14  Ryan Beckett,   15 Chris Wolfe,  16  Justin Milburn,  17  Willy Ling,  Russ Hartman,  19 Terry Mitchell,  DNS  Charlie Field
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP.  1  Robert Pluta,  2 Ray Wright,  3  Kieth Deeter,  4  Jeremy Miller,  5 Pat Breahm,  6 Mike Meck,  7 Dustin Drake,  8 Irv Fleegle,  9 Doug Hostettler,  10  Josh Datko,  11 Mike Hagans,   12 Nick Zborovancik,  13 Dan Jackson,  14 Tyler Beckett.