Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


May 27th, 2012

DJ Troutman scored his first ever Thunder Valley win Saturday in the Limited Late Model portion of the annual Windmill 100 celebration.  The event features the visit of the Limiteds as well as extra distance events for each of the support classes adding up to the 100 lap feature total.  It was those extra laps that made the difference in each of the other events as Jim Sayler (Semi Late), Bill Replogle  (Pure Stocks)  and  Andrew Pluta  (4 Cylinders)  all rallied late for their wins.
     Troutman started fifth in the Limited field  as Matt Emerick led early.  In what became a cautionfest, Troutman inched through the field and found  himself third behind Jesse Snyder by lap 8.  They became the  fourth caution event one lap later as they banged together on the backstretch with Snyder spinning.  On the restart, Troutman found himself behind only the leader Emerick and went to work.  On lap  15 he shot by into the lead and ran off to the big win.
    Enerick attracted a crowd late but hung on for second place, followed by Curtis Heath who started dead last in the field, Robby Black, Ron Bottenfield, Travis Calhoun, Snyder, Steve Bard, Rance Garlock and Wayne Johnson Jr.  Troutman and Brian Lessley won the heats
      Jim Sayler started eights in the Semi Late field and needed every one of the  30 laps to get to the front.  Jamie Kohan was the pole sitter and early leader  but Jason Vangilder had the lead after the first lap.  Van Gilder  then led Kohan  and Bill Pluta as the event went all green.  Sayler took  fourth on lap eight and ran down the lead trio a bit  every lap.  He made it a 4 way battle at the front  until Pluta and Kohan tangled on lap 21 to bring out the only caution of the race.  
     On the restart it took several laps to get by Pluta, and then he set upon Vangilder.    He made his move as  pair took the white flag and zipped by in the first turn to deprive Vangilder of the win in the 30 lapper.  Vangilder was a very disappointed second ahead of Tom Warren who had started dead last in the field,  Dave Whetstone and Greg Cornell.  There were no heats for the short field.
    The Pure Stocks went 30 laps, double the usual distance and Bill Replogle needed almost all of them to secure his win.  Mike Duck was the pole sitter and early leader.  He led easily over Mike Ott  and Charlie Walters  for most of the race but Replogle was third by lap 17.   He passed Ott for second on lap 20 and applied himself to Duck.  After quite a few laps of torment, he squeezed by for  the lead on lap  29.  
      Although the leader, Replogle had to survive drama over the last lap as Ott’s car caught fire  as they took the white flag and  stopped on the frontstretch, while Willy Ling blew a hose only feet away.    Replogle then survived the one lap shootout to win over a disappointed Duck,  Chad Walter  Ryan Beckett, and Derek Graybill who started last in the field.  Justin milburn, Charlie Walter, David Beahr, Terry Mitchell and  Greg Beckett completed the top 10.   Ryan Beckett and Charlie Walter won the heats.
      It was a Pluta party as  the Pluta twins provided the exciting finish in the 4 Cylinder 20 lapper.   Robert Pluta led the distance as a mob battled in his wake.  But Andrew Pluta, returning for his first race since a grinding crash at Bedford a few weeks ago, finally broke free with 4 laps to go.   Over those last 4 laps, Andrew was all over Robert with Mike Lauffer  added in the mix. On the last lap the Pluta twins went side by side before Andrew inched by at the line for the exciting win.  Robert took second, ahead of Lauffer, Nathan Kimitsky, Ray Wright, Cale Martin, Keith Deeter, Mike Meck, Jeremy Miller and Pat Breahm.  Dave Lambert, Lauffer and Andrew Pluta won the heats.
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  DJ Troutman,  2 Matt Emerick,  3 Curtis Heath,  4 Robby Black,  5 Ron Bottenfield,  6  Travis Calhoun,  7  Jesse Snyder,  8 Steve Bard,  9 Rance Garlock,  10  Wayne Johnson jr,  11 Lincoln Ritchey,  12 Brian Lessley,  13 Larry Foor
SEMI LATE 30 LAPS  1   Jim sayler,  2 Jason Vangilder,  3 Tom Warren,  4 Dave Whetstone,  5 Greg Cornell,  6 Jamie Kohan,  7 Bill Pluta,  8 Bill McClellan,  
PURE STOCK 30 LAPS  1  Bill Replogle,  2 Mike Duck,  3 Chad Walter,  4 Ryan Beckett,  5 Derek Graybill,  6 Justin Milburn,  7 Charlie Walter,  8 David Beahr,  9 Terry Mitchell,  10 Greg Beckett,  11 Mike Ott,  12 Willy Ling,  13 Jarrod Brown,   14  Jim Dearmitt,  15  Russ Hartman,  16  Mike Shaffer,  17 Chris Wolfe,  18  Brian Shaw,  19  Jason Bender, DNS  MArk Field
4 CYLINDER 20 LAP  1  Andrew Pluta,  2 Robert Pluta,  3 Mike Lauffer,  4 Nathan Kamitsky,  5 Ray Wright,  6 Cale Martin,  7 Keith Deeter,  8 Mike Meck,  9 Jeremy Miller,  10 Pat Brehm,  11 Irv Fleegle,  12 Dustin Drake,  13 Doug Hostettler,  14 EJ Johnson,  15 Mike Hagen,  16  Dan Jackson,  17  Dave Lambert,  18  Tyler Beckett,  19  Martin Vinosky,  20  Ernie Bowser,   21  Eric Johnston,  22 Nick Zaborovancik,  23  Leroy Booher,