Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


June 10th, 2012

For the second time in three events,  Chuck Clise roared to the win Saturday night at Thunder Valley.  His win came with a late rally in the Late Model 25  lap event Saturday night.  Tom Warren also rallied from the pack to claim the 20 lap Semi Late win.  Brian Shaw, the reigning Pure Stock champion, won for the first time ever in that division.  Dave Lambert took the 4 Cylinder closer.   Randy Doty won the special All American event in their only visit  of the year.
Chris Rhodes led the Late Model field to the green and grabbed the early lead. Tom Decker challenged and the two made contact at the end of lap two.  Rhodes  hit the wall then careened across the track collecting Greg Fetters in a grinding crash.  That was just the start of the mayhem as 11 cautions flew in the first nine laps of the race,  several for grinding crashes
Decker had inherited the lead after the first crash and held on through all the interruptions but Clise was inching forward.  He showed up in third behind Decker and Doug Glessner on lap eight  and was clearly fast.  Clise got by Glessner and was  up to second when the final caution flew on lap 13.  For 5 laps after that, Clise stalked Decker until finally shooting by  with 5 to go.  Clise opened up a wide lead at the finish as Decker fell back into the clutches of Mike Altobelli Jr .
At the finish it was Clise for the second time this season,  followed by Decker, Altobelli, Glessner,  Shawn Claar, Ron Bottenfield, Dan Lee,. Gene Kain, Steve Gibney and Bill Burns.  Glessner and Clise won the heats
Tom Warren started in the Semi Late pack and had to work past a battling duo in Semi Late action.  Bill Pluta was the early leader and he was hard at it  with Jamie Kohan early on.  Warren finally got between them on lap 7 and got bu Pluta for the lead one lap later.   Jim Sayler followed his path and was in a challenging second place on lap 11.  From that point the two heavyweights went toe to toe, but Warren held off every challenge.  A caution with two to go, the only one in the event, gave Sayler a last look but Warren held on for the win.
At the finish it was Warren, Sayler, Pluta, Kohan, Jason Vangilder and Greg Cornell.  There were no heats for the slim car count 
It was a big day for the Bill Klinger racing family as Brian Shaw won his first ever Pure Stock event.   After first lap chaos as Terry Mitchell spun on lap one,  the event went off  relatively smooth with Shaw leading the way.   Behind him, Jarrod Brown collected a crowd as Mike Duck,  Bill Replogle and  Ryan Beckett congregated.  Becket finally got by into second on lap 11 and closed on the leader with each passing lap. 
A last lap caution gave Beckett a last look at Shaw but Shaw hung on for the win.  Beckett was second, followed by Brown, Replogle, Duck,  Jim Dearmitt, Mike Ott, Justin Milburn, Russ Hartman, and dave Beahr.  Shaw, Milburn and Ott won the heats.
Dave Lambert   struck early then dominated the 4 Cylinder event.  While Lambert led  four cars traded second place among them selves.  Dustin Drake, Jeremy Miller, Nick Zborovancik, Jeremy Miller, Ray Wright and Casey Fleegle all held the spot for a while before Wright rallied late to get by Fleegle for the honor.  At the finish it was Lambert, Wright, Fleegle, Miller and Keith Deeter across the line.   Lambert and Deeter won the heats.
A happy  Randy Doty scored in the annual visit of the All American outlaws.  He held off repeated challenges of Hunter Hestor who finished second.  Fred Collum, Brook Coleman and Justin Collum were the top 5.  Hunter and Tom Crummit won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1   Chuck Clise,  2 Tom Decker,  3 Mike Altobelli Jr,  4 Doug Glessner,  5 Shawn Claar,  6 Ron Bottenfield,  7 Dan Lee,  8 Gene Kain,  9 Steve Gobney,  10 Bill Burns,  11 Tom Decker III,  12  dale Claycomb,  13 Matt sala,  14  Tim Burkholder,  15 Ted Gallaher,  16  Chris Rhodes,  17  Greg Fetters,   DNS  Dave Lee, Derek Sala
SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1 Tom Warren,  2 Jim Sayler,  3 Bill Pluta,  4 Jamie Kohan,  5 Jason Vangilder,  6 Greg Cornell,  7 Vigi Zucollotto,  8 Joe Pluta,  9 Dave whetstone
PURE STOCK 18 LAP  1  Brian Shaw,  2 Ryan Beckett,  3 Jarrod Brown,  4 Bill Replogle,  5 Mike duck,  6 Jim Dearmitt,  7 Mike Ott,  8 Justin Milburn,  9 Russ Hartman,  10  Dave Beahr,  11 Mark Field,  12 Preston Imler,  13 Jim sacco,  14  Rob  Varner,  15  Jason Bender,  16  Mike Shaffer,  17 Jesse Hunt,  18  Greg Beckett  19 Terry Mitchell,  DNS  Willy Ling
 4 CYLINDER 15 LAP 1  Dave Lambert,  2 Ray Wright,  3 Casey Fleegle,  4 Jeremy Miller,  5 Keith Deeter,  6 Pat Brehm  7 Mike Meck,  8  Mike Hagens,  9  Nick Zborovancik,  10  Dustin Drake,  11 Ernie Bowser,  12  Leroy Booher,  13  Mike Custer
ALL AMERICAN  20 LAP  1  Randt Doty,  2 Hunter Hestor,  3 Fred Cullum,  4 Brook Coleman,  5 Justin Cullum,  6 Jessie Morrison,  7 Scott Jorda,  8 Al Daniels,  9  dave Egge,  10  Carrie Fryfogle,  11 Brittany Coleman,  12  Denny Gross,  13 Tony Jorda,  14 Tom Crummitt