Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


July 29th, 2012

 What was billed as the annual Thunder Valley 420 program seemed like  the 4ever event Saturday night.
When a nagging drizzle hit the track before warmups, it was never hard enough to cancel but enough to turn the track to soup,   and promoter Joe Padula elected to wait it out and get the show in.  What ensued was three hours of track drying,  in the end aided by many of the racers, and 4 happy feature winners.
Rance Garlock took the 20 lap win  for the visiting Limited Late Models,  Jim Sayler took the Semi Late 20 lapper, Ryan Beckett won the Pure Stock 20 and Andrew Pluta rallied late to take the 4 Cylinder  20.
     Rance Garlock took instant advantage of a decent starting spot in the Limited event.   He blew by the entire front row on l the first lap to lead it, then showed the field his bumper for the duration.  Curtis Heath ran second late and  held off first Matt Emerick, then Geroge Dixon for the spot.   Mike Altobelli was destined to be in that battle  advancing from 10th to 4th by lap 5 but he  spun and retired on  that lap.   With only one caution flag over the last 10 laps,  Garlock ran off to a dominating win.  Curtis Heath was second, ahead of George Dixon, Steve Bard, Eric Irvin, Ron Bottenfield, Yvete Hahan Tyler Horst, Travis Wilson and Larry Foor
     Jim Sayler, the man with more Thunder Valley wins than any other, scored yet again in the Semi Late 20.
 Dave Whetstone was the pole sitter and early leader.  He held on as Saylor closed each lap, then challenged.  After several laps of  trying, Sayler got by on lap 10 and led the distance.  Bill Pluta got close to Whetstone but did not mount a challenge for the duration.   At the finish it was Sayler by a large margin,  Whetstone, Pluta   Jason Vangilder and Greg Cornell.  Tom Warren, Jamie Kohan, Joe Pluta, Dennis Collins and Dave Beahr completed the top ten.
      Ryan Beckett left little doubt that he was ready for the Pure Stock  extra distance event.  Her jumped into the lead from his pole position and ran off from the field.   By the time of the evemt’s first caution on lap 11,   he was over a half lap ahead and the field  only got close on the cautions.  Beckett ran off from the field after each subsequent caution to record  his second win of the year.  Terry Norris , after a see saw battle with Dave Riley and Brian Shaw, finally secured second at the finish.  Shaw, Riley  and Jarrod Brown,  who came from dead last in
 the field.
     Mike Lauffer was the early 4 Cylinde leader.  He stretched out the field until a few mid race cautions allowed Andrew Pluta to close in.  Pluta  rose to the occasion and the pair went at it hard.    After trading paint for several laps, Pluta emerged with the lead on lap 16 and ran to the win.  Lauffer was second,  followed by Mike Meck, Dustin Drake and Robert Pluta who started last in the field.
LIMITED 20 LAP  1  Rance Garlock,  2 Curtis Heath,  3  George Dixon, 4 Steve Bard,  5  Eric Irvin,  6  Ron Bottenfield,  7 Yvette Hahn,  8  Tyler Horst,  9  Travis Wilson,  10  Larry Foor,  11  Bill Burns,  Matt Emerick,  13  Mike Altobelli
SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1  Jim Sayler,  2  Dave Whetstone,  3  Bill Pluta,  4  Jason Vangilder,  5  Greg Cornell,  6  Tom Warren,  7  Jamie Kohan,  8  Joe Pluta,  9  Dennis Collins,  10  Dave Beahr,  11  Billy McClellan
PURE STOCK 20 LAP  1  Ryan Beckett,  2  Terry Norris,  3  Brian Shaw,  4  dave Riley,  5  Jarrod Brown,  6  Justin Milburn,  7  Mike Ott,  8  Russ Hartman,  9  Mike Shaffer,  10  Rodney Mock,  11  Ed Vogel,  12  Mark Shaffer,  13  Jesse Hunt,  14  Mike Duck,  16  Derek Graybill,  17  Denny Norris,  18  Joe Kause,  19  Terry Mitchell,  DNS  Jason Bender
4 CYLINDER  20 LAP  1  Andrew Pluta,  2  Mike Lauffer,  3  Mike Meck,  4  Dustin Drake,  5  Robert Pluta,  6  Keith Deeter,  7  Jeremy Miller,  8  Leroy booher,  9  Dave Lambert,  10  Pat Breahm,  11  Ernie Bowser,  12  Travis Fleegle,  13  Nick Zborovancik,  14  Dail Goddard,  Josh Datko,  16  Jon Gephart,  17  dan Jackson,  1