Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


August 12th, 2012

       Three racers won their firs Thunder Valley event of the season Saturday night  Including one elated first time career winner.  Chris Rhodes ended a long dry spell with a dominating performance in the Late Model 25 lapper and Mike Duck finally beat Bill Replogle to claim his first Pure Stock win of the year.   Greg Cornell won his second Semi Late  hat of the season.  But the happiest guy in the place was Nick Zborovancik who won his first ever 4 Cylinder event.
               Lincoln Ritchey led the Late model field to the green,  But it was Rhodes blasting by for the lead on lap one.  From that point on, Rhodes ran his best race of the season to lead the distance.  Wayne Johnson moved into second and briefly closed in on Rhodes during the middle stages,  but did not threaten the leader. Shawn Claar moved up to make it three at the point until Doug Glessner arrived late.  When Claar retired on lap 20,  Glessner took on the task of challenging Johnson.   
      Over the last 5 laps, the 17s raced for second spot though as Rhodes powered safely ahead.  Johnson snared the spot as Glessner took third, followed by Chuck Clise,Tom Decker, Greg Fetters,  Ritchey and Garrett Krummert, making his first TV start.  Cory Weaver and Gene Kain completed the top 10.  Johnson, Glessner and Rhodes won their heats
     Jamie Kohan was the Semi Late pole sitter but Greg Cornell led the first lap.  Cornell never shook Kohan  or the growing mass of chasers as the usual cast moved  up from the pack.  Tom Warren made it to second before spinning on lap 10 thinning the posse by one.Jason Vangilder got by Kohan on lap 15 and Jim Sayler one lap later but neither one got aim on Cornell who raced to the win.  Van Gilder led the challengers which included  Sayler, Kohan,  Bill Pluta,  Jamie Swank, Cody Butterbaugh, Joe Pluta Levi Duppstadt and John Whitfield.  Butterbaugh and Warren won the heats.
     Terry Mitchell was the early Pure Stock leader but it was an 8 car mob at the front.  Mike Ott took the first shots at Mitchell but it was Mike Duck whipping around the outside into the lead on lap 4.  Bill Replogle arrived on the scene two laps later and also whipped around the battling pair to get second on lap 7.  Replogle chased down Duck and  the almost weekly battle was on. This time Duck,  who has chased Replogle across the line several times this season,  held him off for the win.
      Ryan Beckett ran the pair down late but settled for third, ahead of Mitchell,  Justin Milburn,  Ott,  Jarrod Brown,  Ed Vogel and Rodney Mock.   Replogle and Duck won the heats.
    Dave Lambert led the opening 4 Cylinder lap before Andrew Pluta got by.   Robert Pluta got second one lap later and the twins battled at the front.  Nick Zborovancik arrived and got by the battling Plutas on lap 8 and ran to his first career feature win.  Robert Pluta was second, followed by Andrew, Dan Jackson and Ian Will. Andrew Pluta and Jackson won the heats
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1  Chris Rhodes,  2  Wayne Johnson,  3  Doug Glessner,  4  Chuck Clise,  5  Tom Decker,  6  Greg Fetters,  7  Lincoln Ritchey,  8  Garrett Krummert,  9  Cory Weaver,  10  Gene Kain,  11  Dan Lee,  12  Bill Burns,  13  Travis Calhoun 14  Matt Eckman,  15  Dale Claycomb,  16  Travis Wilson,  17  Shawn Claar,  18  Bob Hershman,  19  Mike Steck,  20  Nathan Lasalle,  21  John Britsky,  DNS  Ron Bottenfield.
SEMI LATE 20 LAP  1  Greg Cornell,  2  Jason Vangilder,  3  Jim sayler,  4  Jamie Kohan,  5  Mike Duck,  6  Jamie Swank,  7  Cody Butterbaugh,  8  Joe Pluta,  9  Levi Duppstadt,  10  John Whitfield,  11  Tom Warren,  12  Dennis Collins,  13  Dave Whetstone,  14  George Beckett.
PURE STOCK 18 LAPS  1  Mike Duck,  2  Bill Replogle,  3  Ryan Beckett,  4  Terry Mitchell,  5  Justin Milburn,  6  Mike Ott,  7  Jarrod Brown,  8  Ed Vogel,  9  Rodney Mock,  10  Brian Shaw,  11  Jason  Bender,  12  Mark Field,  13  Mark Shaffer,  14  Bill Kennell,  15  Brandon Fickes,  18  Mike Shaffer,   DNS  Russ Hartman
4 CYLINDER  1  Nick Zborovancik,  2  Robert Pluta,  3  Andrew Pluta,  4  Dan Jackson,  5  Ian Will,  6  Kieth Deeter,  7  Leroy Booher,  8  Pat Breahm.  9  Jeremy Miller,  10  Matt  Diehl,  11  Dustin Drake,  12  Ray Wright,  13  Ernie Bowser,  14  Kyle Beckett,  15  Dave Lambert,  16  Tyler Beckett,  17  Mike Meck,