Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


August 26th, 2012

 When good  fortune looks your way you got to be ready to react.  Dan Lee did just that Saturday at Thunder Valley by turning a great break into a convincing win.  It was Lee’s first Thunder Valley win of the season.  Greg Cornell survived a long ordeal to score  the Semi Late win.  It was his  fourth win of the season but  second in the last three weeks.  Mike Ott was all over the Pure Stock leader and thought he had settled for second, but found himself the winner , his first of the season.   Martin Vinosky returned  and scored his first 4 Cylinder win of the season to close the evening.
     After a season of broken parts and bad luck,  Dan Lee found himself with a point average which presented him a front row starting position.    He rose to the occasion with a resounding performance,  getting the jump at the start and running off from the field.  In the event which ran caution free, he ran away from the battle for second and never looked back.   Wayne Johnson and Shawn Claar battled in his wake,  and got close several times as Lee weaved through lapped traffic,  But it was all Lee’s night.
     Claar challenged Johnson late in the event but settled for third.  Greg Fetters, Chuck Clise, Chris Rhodes, Dan Cornman, Doug Glessner, Lincoln Ritchey and Travis Stickley completed the top ten.  Fetters and Clise won the heats.
     The Semi Late race started out rough and didnt get any better, becomming the longest Semi Late race in years.  Levi Duppstadt was the pole sitter  but spun going into the first turn creating chaos at the start.   Jamie Kohan took the initial lead before Greg Cornell took over but it was a long wait to score the win.   Fully 13 cautions slowed the 20 lapper making it a slow slog.   Track point leader Jim Sayler , who was involved in the first lap melee, returned from the pits to race through the field, getting up to second by lap 10,  but then suffered a flat tire.
     Saylor again returned to the rear,  only to crash hard into the fist turn wall on that restart, ending his night.  At the finish,  Cornell held on to win the marathon, leading Kohan and Tom Warren across the line.  Warren was in a borrowed car  as he chases Sayler in the  fast ending point race.  Bill Pluta and Dave Whetstone completed the top five.
    The Pure Stock event was almost an equal marathon which went on after the race ended.  Brian Shaw was the early leader but Mike Duck got by on lap 6.  Duck led only that lap before he retired to the pits  giving the lead to Russ Hartman.   Hartman held on, fending  off the relentless challenges of Mike Ott for the duration.  Nine caution periods dotted the 18 lapper but Hartman held on.  
     At the finish, although Ott wore out his back bumper, Hartman held on for what appeared to be a first career win.  But in Victory lane  Hartman was nowhere to be found as Robert Turquato climbed out of the car.  Since Turquato had jumped into the car without telling any officials and had used Hartman’s starting spot, the win was nullified and Ott was rewarded  belatedly.
    The revised finish was Ott the winner, having come from dead last in the field, followed by Greg Cornell Sr, Shaw, Jim Dearmett, and Mike Shaffer.  Mike Duck, Justin Milburn and Ryan Beckett won the heats.
     By comparison, the 4 Cylinder event was tame.  Martin Vinosky jumped into the lead at the start and ran to the finish.  Dan Jackson came from deep in the field  to run him down and challenge,  bringing Ray Edwards and Ian Will with him,  but Vinsosky held off the trio to score the win. Jackson, Edwards, Will and Keith Deeter completed the top five.
LATE MODELS 25 LAP  1  Dan Lee,  2  Wayne Johnson,  3  Shawn Claar,,  4  Greg Fetters,  5  Chuck Clise,  6  Chris Rhodes,  7  Dan Cornman,  8  Doug Glessner,  9  Lincoln Ritchey,  10  Travis Stickley,  11  Gene Kain,  12  Ron Bottenfield,  13  Bill burns,  14  Matt Eckman,  15  Tom Deccker 16  Greg Tressler  17  Dale Claycomb,  18  Curtis Heath
SEMI LATE 20 LAP.. 1  Greg Cornell,  2  Jamie Kohan,  3  Tom Warren,  4  Bill Pluta,  5  Dave Whetstone,  6  Vigi Zucollotto,  7  Joe Collins,  8  Jason Vangilder,  9  Jim sayler,  10  Joe Pluta,  11 Dennis Collins,  12Levi Duppstadt,  DNS  John Whitfield
PURE STOCK 18 LAP  1   Mike Ott,  2  Greg Cornell Sr 3  Brian Shaw,  4 Jim Dearmitt,  5  Mike Shaffer  6  Bill Helsel  7  Mark Shaffer    8  Rodney  Mock,  9  John Hollis,  10  Mike Duck  11  Justin Milburn,  12  Terry Mitchell,  13  Jason Bender  14  Jeff Brown,  15  Rob Varner,  16  Ryan Beckett,  17  Mark Field,  DNS   Willy Ling,   Bill Replogle,  Ed Vogel   DQ  Russ Hartman
4CYLINDERS  15 LAP  1  Martin Vinosky, 2  Dan Jackson,  3  Ray Edwards,  4  Ian Will,  5  Kieth Deeter,  6  Dustin Drake,  7  Andrew Pluta  8Jack Theys,  9  Robert Pluta,  10  Jeremy Miller  11  Nick Zborovancik 12  Mike Meck,  13  Dustin Tolar,  14 Ray Wright  15   Leroy Booher,  16 Mike Potter,  17  Josh Datko,  18  John Costa,  19  Ernie Bowser  20 Casey Fleegle.