Thunder Valley Raceway » 2012 Results


August 19th, 2012

 Matt Emerich led the list of happy feature winners as Thunder Valley again presented the popular 420 night Saturday.  Emerich  was victorious in the headline Limited Late Model event, one of 4 20 lap features. on the program.  Jim Sayler  and  Ryan Beckett  both rallied late to snare  fourth   2012  wins in Semi Late and Pure Stock action.  For Beckett it was his third win in four weeks as he continues his roll.  Ian Will ended the evening with his first win of he season in  the 4 Cylinder event.
 With the Limited making a non regulars start at the track, pill  draw was used to set the field.  Emerick was the big winner when the invert put him on the pole for the Limited 20 lapper.  Emerick blasted away at the start but quickly had Robbie Black on his bumper.  Black was all over Emerick but could not muster a pass as Dave Leidy closed in on them both.   After some frantic action,  Leidy took second and also pressured Emerick.
      Emerick held on through several quick cautions as Leidy and Black worried each other as well as the leader.  Leidy’s night ended as a wheel flew off his car on lap 18.  That set up a two lap dash and extra chance for Black.  He was able to get beside Emerick as they crossed the finish line but settled for second at the end.  Daniel Cornman came on for third at the finish, followed by Curtis Heath, Wayne Johnson, George Dixson, Ron Bottenfield, Mike Altobelli Matt Eckman and Travis Wilson.  
       Altobelli was up to fifth on the last lap  before blowing a tire and limping across the finish line.  Heath and Leidy won the heats.
    Jim Sayler, the leading all time Semi Late winner at the track added yet another to his  resume in that 20 lapper.  He started fifth in the field but  threaded his way through the front pack to run down early leader Jamie Kohan.   He eased by Kohan for the lead  on lap 5 then ran off from the mob as five cars battled Kohan for his spot.   
     Jason Vangilder finally got by Kohan on lap 18,  But Sayler was safely ahead at the finish.  Vangilder  finished second, ahead of Greg Cornell, Patrick McDonough,  George Beckett, John Whitfield and Bill Pluta.  Kohan broke  near the end and was credited with ninth.  Vangilder and Sayler won the heats.   Tom Warren broke while leading his heat even and did not start the event,  allowing Sayler to pile up an almost insurmountable point lead  as the season winds down
     2012 hard luck driver Russ Hartman was the early Pure Stock  leader and seemed to have the field covered for a long time.   But Ryan Beckett finally arrived from his eighth starting position and challenged Hartman, taking the lead on lap 9. Ed Vogel got by Hartman on lap 13 but Mike Duck got him a lap later and went after Beckett.  He gave Beckett a handful but finished a length behind at the checkered flag, his fifth second place run of the season.   Travis Group and Vogel won the heats.
    Ian Will in only his second Thunder Valley start a good one as he wired the 4 Cylinder field.  Dave Lambert was all over Will early, running several laps side by side, before Martin Vinosky moved in.  Vinosky was up along side Will on the last lap but settled for second, followed by Robert Pluta, Lambert, Ray Wright and Jeremy Miller.  Lambert and Dan Jackson won the heats.
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Matt Emerick,  2  Robby Black,  3  Daniel Cornman,  4  Curtis Heath,  5  Wayne Johnson,  6  George Dixson,  7  Ron Bottenfield,  8  Mike Altobelli Jr,  9  Matt Eckman,  10  Travis Wilson,  11  Dave Leidy,  12  Yvette Hahn,  13  Brian Lessley,  14  Larry Foor,  15  Troy Swindell
SEMI LATE 20 LAPS,   1  Jim Sayler,  2  Jason Vangilder,  3  Greg Cornell,  4 Patrick McDonough,  5  George Beckett,  6  John Whitfield,  7  Bill Pluta,  8  Dabe Whetstone,  9  Jamie Kohan,  10  Levi Duppstadt,  11  Tom Wakefield,  12  Ridge Bookwalter,  13  Buddy Fickes,  DNS  Tom Warren
PURE STOCK 20 LAP  1  Ryan Beckett,  2 Mike Duck,  3  Chad Gambol  4  Brian Shaw,  5  Derek Graybill,  6  Russ Hartman,  7  Justin  Milburn,  8  Jarrod Brown,  9  Jasopn Bender,  10  Ed Vogel,  11  Travis Group,  12  Chris Lutz,  13  John Michael,  14  Mark Shaffer,  15  terry Mitchell,  16  Mike Shaffer,  17  Brandon Fickes,  18  Pat Spiker
  4 CYLINDER 20 LAP  1  Ian Will,  2  Martin Vinosky,  2  Robert Pluta, 4  Dave Lambert,  5  Ray Wright,  6  Jerermy Miller,  7  Dustin Drake,  8  Pat Breahm,  9  Mike Meck,  10  Nick Zborovancik,  11  Kieth Deeter,  12  Steve Frederick,  13  Leroy Booher,  14  Ernie Bowser,  15  Tyler Beckett,  16  Dan Jackson,  DNS  Irv Fleegle..